Kierra Gray


Licensed Master Social Worker/Therapist


As mental health therapist, I’m passionate about destigmatizing the role mental health services play in our lives, especially for Black communities and people of color. I advocate for individuals and families to seek the best treatment based on their needs. I believe that as humans, it’s essential to heal from generational trauma so the next generation, as well as ourselves, can live the best life possible.

I work with adult individuals dealing with depression, anxiety, LGBTQIA issues, and oppression. I have worked with mothers at all stages of parenting.

I feel it’s essential to understand how society marginalizes us and gather the tools necessary to cope outside of treatment. I hold space for clients to feel heard, seen, and safe. Through my work, I want communities of color to live life on their terms, unapologetically.



“I’m so grateful to have met Kierra! Since I started therapy, I have definitely grown as a person and have truly begun to understand why I am the person I am and why I behave the way I do. She gives me the attention I deserve, makes me feel understood and truly gives me the best advice. I appreciate her more than she knows and I look forward to continuing our therapy relationship and becoming my best self. Thank you Kierra for all that you do!”


“Kierra is an amazing social worker and an amazing person overall. You can see and feel her heart in her work. She is very easy to talk to. Kierra sees me on a level that I really appreciate. It’s always been hard for me to lay all my feelings out on the table and analyze them; Kierra helps me with that. I always leave our sessions with a better outlook on life. She helps me understand my feelings and helps me apply lessons to certain areas of my life. Kierra is truly incredible!”