Lisa Besch


Licensed Professional Counselor Associate


Hi, I’m Lisa Besch, Licensed Professional Counselor Associate under the supervision of Heather Cawthon, Ph.D., LPC-S.  I understand that the struggle in life is real. I am passionate about walking alongside others, helping them find healing, and pursuing growth. Trauma survivors are my specialty. I have worked alongside those who have experienced many traumas in their life. I understand what it is like to get triggered by something and react in a way you don’t like. That is called a trauma response, and I can help you with those responses. Together we will process your trauma and find healing so that life won’t be as stressful for you.

I use Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. EMDR is a type of therapy that reprocesses traumatic events or memories. Research shows that trauma is stored in the body. When someone is triggered, they experience a trauma response like shutting down, getting angry, or avoiding the situation. Using an 8-step process, EMDR helps reprocess those memories.

I believe my experience as a former educator and trauma advocate has helped shape me into an intentional professional therapist. I look forward to working with you. You have taken a courageous step to ask for help!

My philosophy is that “you can’t see people’s mental health, so please remember to be kind and know it is okay to ask for help.”