Melissa Seaman

Certified Life Coach 

  • Works with adults
  • No location boundaries

My name is Melissa Seaman and I am a Certified Life Coach. I was born and raised in Ohio, but I now call Texas my home. I’m a fun-loving, working wife and mother who has been married for 21 years. I have two children and two grandchildren. I love to travel and spend time with friends, attend local sporting events and eat out at local restaurants.

I have spent years discovering my true calling for helping others. I have a passion for helping highly successful women find purpose, embrace their lives and inspire them to fulfill their goals and dreams.  I love to serve in the community, and thrive on building relationships through small groups and networking. I take pride in helping women of all ages build confidence, and live out their dreams. I love seeing women discover who they truly are, and make breakthroughs that lead to fulfilling their goals and dreams. I am loyal, trustworthy and love to encourage others.

I believe when given the proper tools transformations can be a beautiful and fulfilling experience.