Suresh Bolem

Licensed Professional Counselor

  • Works with adults residing in Texas
  • Languages: English | Hindi | Telugu

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor, practicing in the state of Texas. I have been dedicated to empowering people to reach their goals for over 16 years. I believe that victory is within the reach of a person. I understand that personal challenges and obstacles exist, but so do the solutions to overcome them. Personal goals can be realized and conflicts can be resolved. The past does not have to dictate and direct the future of a person.

It is my mission to create a space that invites an individual to participate in reclaiming his/her life; a space that cultivates insightful reflection; a space that encourages finding emotional, physical, and spiritual balance; and a space that supports identifying meaning through suffering.

Being married for 23 years I understand the family dynamics and what couples go through. I help each partner gain insight into their own past, emotions, motivations, and defenses. In addition, I also work with adult individuals experiencing anxiety/depression, life adjustments, mood or personality disorders, painful emotions, unresolved issues, and grief.


*Now accepting Blue Cross Blue Shield and United Healthcare*

When life feels heavy, I’ll be there to work together to find healing.